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Missiles for fighters strange problem
I have a strange problem. I simply tried to add new missiles to vanilla interceptors just for research. Iīve made two new hardpoints (wings, same rest and direction as kinetic) and add launchers to it. Made new launchers and missiles for it as well.

Problem is that they donīt fire. Only If I mount launcher to kinetic weapon hardpoint it finally works. So i tried to add pulsars to new hardpoints to see if they work. Well they work perfect.

Combinations what I tested:
vhp= vanilla hardpoint, newhps= new hardpoints

1.) vhp kinetic, newhps launchers = kinetic works, launchers not
2.) vhp launcher, newhps kinetic = only launcher works
3.) vhp launcher, newhps pulsars = everything works
4.) vhp kinetic, newhps pulsars = everything works

I use RDN weapontuning.xls etc..
Please help me...
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For small ships like interceptors it makes more practical sense to just use the existing gun hardpoint since it's so small and no one will be pausing/unpausing the game every half second to see where your missiles launch.

Anyways I'm betting your hardpoint is too near to the ship's collision mesh so the missiles aren't launching. Stock HW2 weapons actually se if there's anything in the way of the weapon's path before firing. You can disable that check fire path parameter (it's just before the iFireTime number) and see if it works. Or just use the existing hardpoint.
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Thank you fo your help but it it seems it doesnīt work neither.Banghead
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