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where to start?
hey TelQuessir, wheres a good place to start editing things for hw2? not modeling, but the basic code of weapons, etc
It's a simple matter to edit the Lua and Txt files in the Data folder. Open them and study them. Changing values like health, velocity, damage are as simple as changing some numerical values. However, take my advice and backup whatever you're editing incase you screw up. And don't change any of the :;"'{}[]-_=+,.<>?/()*&^%$#@! Kinds of stuff, that has something to do with the Lua code. SunTzu is our resident scripter and you should consult him for more indepth smartness.

Remeber the cardinal rules of tweaking. 1:Copy anything you're editing, 2: Don't screw with the code, just the values, 3: SunTzu is the Wizard of Oz of Lua, minus the funny pants, giant phallic house, floating head cloud, and suicidal dwarves.
Start small, with things you don't like. Don't whine, change them yourself (weapon damage, range, rate of fire, ship armor etc is easy). Post the changes and suggestions on this site, look for community feedback on your ideas and eventually you have something the size of PDS itself.
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not whining, just curious, modifying values, and adding on your own things are at a totally different level though ;p, anyways, iv'e decided to make a copy of the hw2 folder, and start modifying some values, thanks guys
You can change range and rate... ? How?? Gwah I'm such a novice.
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